Nicky Crabb - 500 hour certificate


Nicky discovered yoga over 25 years ago whilst living in France.  As she moved around she found herself seeking out a local yoga class wherever she settled, enjoying the openess and sense of body and breath connection she found in classes.

 Over the years she has been a keen student of both Sivananda and Astanga Vinyasa yoga schools, attending her first Vajrasati yoga class in 2004 after the birth of her first child.  She soon became passionate about the Vajrasati approach, enjoying the combination of body awareness, humour and the sense of absorption.  She began teaching in  April 2012 and gained her 500 hour certificate in May 2013.  

Nicky brings a creative, calm and flexible approach to her yoga teaching and is happy to teach all levels, particularly beginners.  

Please see Nicky's website for more details 

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When we look at this piece of wood, we have a perception concerning this piece of wood. This piece of wood is itself, and we do not really know what it’s nature is. We just have an idea about this piece of wood, we only have an idea. Our perception of this piece of wood and this piece of wood itself, are very different from each other.

— Thich Nat Hahn