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Rosie Waters

Rosie started regular yoga practice in 1999 and she trained in Iyengar yoga for two years, and subsequently attended Hatha, Scaravelli, and Khundalini classes. It was the Vajrasati Yoga School which brought everything together, and she had found her spiritual home.

She graduated from the Vajrasati teacher training course in 2009 and holds a 500hr Yoga Alliance accredited teaching qualification. Rosie has also completed further training to teach students with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, elements of which she uses with students who have other limitations to their practise.

Rosie’s teaching focuses on using the breath to deepen and extend the body, mind and spirit. She encourages students to work meditatively, listening closely to their own bodies and breath, and using their inner resources to develop postures only as the body allows, and without grasping. Her current experience includes teaching more mature and less able students.

Rosie has been teaching since early 2008, and currently runs classes in Brighton, Seaford and Newhaven. She also teaches small groups and individual students in their homes or at her studio in Seaford.

Rosie also leads weekend retreats and holidays abroad.  2015 brings her 6th retreat in Spain, and her 4th holiday in West Crete ( see 'Events' for further details ) 




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The Buddha reminds us of the right approach in his famous metaphor of the raft from the Majjhima Nikaya.

In it, he describes a situation, where a man standing on the near shore, which is dangerous, needs to get to the far shore, which is safe.

There are no bridges or ferries so he builds a raft; it is not fancy, but adequate to get him across. Once on that far shore it has served its purpose, and a wise man leaves it where it is, without dragging it with him as an encumbrance.

— Buddha