Teacher training criteria and application procedure


The following criteria must be fulfilled before a request for teacher training can be considered…

  1. The potential applicant must have been practicing yoga for at least two years
  2. Ideally the potential applicant must have been regularly attending Vajrasati Yoga classes
  3. It is advised that the potential applicant has some experience of other schools of yoga so that the necessary commitment to Vajrasati can be made clearly and wholeheartedly
  4. It is hoped that the applicant has an interest in meditation and feels that they would be interested in exploring this area through regular practice
  5. The appliacnt must have a regular yoga practice 5-6 days a week (if you are unsure whether your practice qualifies please contact us)

Provided the above criteria has been met the potential applicant can then apply through the following procedure:

  1. Verbal request (email is fine!)
  2. Written request including 5 points: personal history relevant to application, current practice, reasons why applicant wishes to train as a yoga teacher and why with Vajrasati as well as what they hope to gain from the course and what they feel they might bring to it.
  3. Meeting with Jim or Senior Member (currently Khadine Morcom, Leonie Taylor) to clarify Vajrasati’s aspirations for graduates. This will highlight the commitment necessary. During this meeting, the applicant will be informed regarding details of teacher training, and homework requirements.
    The potential applicant will be given:
    • An overview of the course
    • A short document describing “What is Vajrasati yoga
    • A short document “about Jim Tarran
    • A copy of the Vajrasati principles that the potential applicant will be asked to sign and hand in keeping a copy for themselves before commencement of training where application is successful
  4. There then follows a probation period of three months, during which time a second meeting will be arranged. During this probation period, the student will be expected to demonstrate continued commitment through regular attendance at classes and training events where possible. Following this probation (which is meant just as much for the student to assess vajrasati as for vajrasati to assess the student) where successful the applicant will commence on next available intake.

NB: please note that unsuccessful application for the next intake can be for a variety of reasons including the simple logistics of spaces available. Where this is the case and it may be otherwise hard to decide between applicants, simple factors like longevity of practice and longevity of interest may be used to decide who joins on next intake. It is also noteworthy that continued interest in training demonstrates the conviction and commitment qualities that are high on the list of considerations when the next placements arise.

Anyone interested in receiving further details of teacher training, should contact Jim Tarran.

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— Ajahn Summedho