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Teachers - Jim Tarran/ Khadine Morcom/leonie Taylor/Didi Craze


2016 Half Day Workshops

March 5th Stretch Studios London - with Jim Tarran Saturday, March 5
Pranayama - What it is, and how to practice
In this workshop we will explore what Pranayama is and how to practice it, including theory, safe practice advise, posture workshop and delving deep into extensive Pranayama practice. 
You will be given handouts so you can continue your journey.
March 20thBeechwood Eco Hall Cooksbridge near Lewes East Sussex 9.30 - 12.45pm
Yoga Morning Workshop - Posture,Pranayama and Meditation - with Jim Tarran
An incredibly energizing and restorative workshop with Jim Tarran. This whole mornings practice offers participants not only a unique chance to spend longer on these practices but also to see how they all relate and ultimatly point to the same experience of Flow

Costs £28: £25 con : £22 Vajrasati members

 -  to book contact Jim vajrasatiyoga@googlemail.com


April 17th with Khadine Morcom - Embracing Prescence

 Tree of Life, Integrated Health Centre, Hove 

Yoga practice can often be sold as a commodity as something we can obtain by working towards or aiming for a particular achievement (like that super impressive bendy or advanced asana (yoga posture) or even a changed stated of mind. However, this completely negates what yoga can teach us - it is all available to us here now in this very moment (even as you read this!) and not at some future point in time. We will explore the first two limbs of yoga of yama and niyama and how the application of these limbs in our yoga practice can bring us into the heart of full awareness right now.  

As always the workshop will involve various yoga practices including asana (posture), Dhyana (meditation), mantra (chanting), yoga nidra (yogic sleep - A practice of deep relaxation resting in pure consciousness). These workshops are a great way to go deeper into our yoga practice and provide an opportunity for a deep letting go of tension and stress. Themes to be announced!

Cost is £25 to regular students or anyone who likes this page or follows me on twitter (£22 Vajrasati members). I can only reserve you a place with a £5 deposit as spaces are limited and these workshops are popular and often there is a waiting list. Contact me to reserve a place.

Those of you who are yoga teachers and registered with Yoga Alliance UK are entitled to count any workshop with me towards your CPD.

 May 7th Pregnancy Yoga workshop (numbers limited book early) with Jim Tarran, Didi Craze and Leo Taylore

Saturday, May 7 - Pregnancy Yoga workshop

Pregnancy yoga workshop for yoga teachers. This is an essential component of teacher training for all teacher trainees of Vajrasati Yoga but is open to any yoga teacher from any school. We will cover all aspects of incorporating pregnant women into a regular yoga class (please note this is not a full course for teaching specialist pregnancy yoga). We will cover anatomy and physiology, contraindications, emotional support, modifications and props throughout the 40 week cycle of pregnancy. The workshop will be led by Jim Tarran and pregnancy yoga teacher Leonie Taylor and midwife and pregnancy yoga teacher Didi Craze.

These workshops are very popular so please do book early toe secure your place.

Cost is £40 or £35 Vajrasati members
£10 Deposit to secure place 

Email Jim at vajrasatiyoga@googlemail.com to book. 


June 25th - Inversions - a Yoga Workshop in London with Jim Tarran

Saturday, June 25 

A workshop to work on inversion poses and poses that support them. Its all about attitude. Light floating up into handstand, absorbed self adjusting headstands and neck and upback releasing shoulder stands are all on the menu. 

Bookings through Stretch directly.


 June 25th Yoga Workshop with Khadine Morcom at Tree of Life Centre Hove

Theme TBC

September 25th - Yoga Morning with Jim Tarran - Strong/Centred Practice

Yoga Morning with Jim Tarran - Strong/Centred Practice

A morning of potent practices with a focus on how to stay in ones cool flowing centre. You will feel amazing after this session: Earthed, Calm, Clear. 

costs £28 West Hill Hall

BN1 3 Brighton, United Kingdom
October 15th - The Yoga of Anatomy - venue TBC
This event is a must for yoga teachers, teacher trainnees and keen students.

What is the relevance of anatomical knowledge for a genuine yoga practice - a practice that points conciousness back to itself (skt vimarsha).

Learn fundamental anatomy.

Q and A

Yogic philosphy through anatomy

Safety rules how joints work, who can move where, how and when in complete safety.

What causes injury

How to deal with injury

cost £28/£25 concession £22 Vajrasati members

Yoga workshop with Khadine Morcom November 6th
 at The tree of Life Hove - theme TBC
The History of Yoga Experientially with Jim Tarran December 18th at Stretch Studios The History of Yoga Experientially with Jim Tarran
 This amazing journey will take you on a journey through the history of yoga from indian predawn to the current practice of Modern Postural Yoga.

This is so much more than a fascinating and rarely told story of our shared yogic lineage - you actually get to practice yoga as we go along - from chanting and pranayama to mediation and Modern Postural Yoga.

There is ever a dull moment in this innovative and fascinating workshop and you get to spend a whole day going deeper into your practice while you learn!

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