Ocean Isoaro - 500 hour certificate

Ocean has practised different styles of yoga since 2000, and has found her happiest style of yoga in Vajrasati.

She finds this style joyful, exciting and respectful, and offering a door home to the self - a practice of allowing the breath and body to deepen, to settle, to explore, to play and to find peace.

In Vajrasati everybody is okay and welcome, whatever your age or state or level of anything. This style of yoga starts with what is real in the moment, and moves further into what is.... never with a requirement to look like a yogi in a book, yet with the potential to experience yoga as deeply and thrillingly as any yogi that ever was.

Ocean is insured and holds a 200 hour certificate, and is working towards her 500 hour one. She also teaches one-on-one's from her home in the Seven Dials, useful for those with erratic schedules and for those with a wish to delve deeper into their practice with the full focus of a teacher, with classes tailor-made for them.

Ocean is a long-term 5Rhythms dancer, a shamanic practitioner, a maker of crafts, an actress, a world-traveller, an ashramite and a great lover of the outdoors. Her teaching style is centred, gentle, humorous and respectful.

Her personal website can be viewed at http://www.spoonoflouhi.com (for details of acting work, contact Ocean directly as this is a different website)


Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over; nor upon another's seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, 'The monk is our teacher.' Kalamas, when you yourselves know: 'These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,' enter on and abide in them.

— The Buddha