Ann Mathie - 500 hour certificate

Within me there is an endless passion to understand the nature of consciousness and how to
experience it in its purest form. I first became intrigued about such things at the age of seven while
listening to anecdotal experiences of inner worlds and heightened states of consciousness through
At the age of eighteen I started to practice Hatha Yoga which gave me stability and focus during a
difficult time. At the age of twenty I started to explore yogic techniques more seriously which
kindled my devotion to liberation with more intensity. That intensity has not stopped. Until now I
have explored the meditation techniques and philosophies of Vajrayana Buddhism, Tantra and
Like a scientist and an explorer I use traditional yogic and tantric texts as guidelines, as well as
teachers I trust, to light my way as I experiment with different yogic practices. The aim of my
practice and teaching is to help people find ways to undo the knots within their muscles and their
minds, at the same time cultivate the mental strength, stability and one pointed focus to overcome
any hindrances life throws at us. The hindrances that prevent the present moment from being an
intrinsic part of our everyday existence. Of course the by-products of practicing with this intention
are health, strength, fitness, flexibility and more choice in the way we react.
In my classes we will explore the physical postures finding a balance between correct alignment and
a means to move with our own intuitive physical intelligence. There will be plenty of meditative
instruction to allow the integrity and essence of each asana space to express itself. These classes are
designed to help the practitioner empower and develop their own practice and hopefully fuel their
own passion for freedom.

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Like a firmament, devoid of edge or centre,
Meditate on vastness and infinity.
To understand the innate truth,
Unite skill and wisdom.

Like the sun and moon in all their glory,
Mediate clearly without darkness,
Knowing that all beings are your parents,
Love and show compassion to them.

— Milarepa