Effie Love - 500 hours (graduated Spring 2018)

Effie’s love for yoga started almost 15 years ago at a yoga camp with her mum :) she was mainly not impressed and was busy competing with everyone else in the room at who is better at yoga.  But there was something at that room that clearly made a deep impression at her as she continued to follow that yoga path ever since.

She studied at Israel, India, and the UK, diving in and out different styles such as Iyengar, vinyasa flow, hot yoga, yin yoga, Hatha and ashtanga. She qualified as a Hatha yoga at 2015 but fealt like she kinda hit a wall and was looking for new inspiration, this is where  Vajrasati yoga came into the picture.

‘I feel like I see yoga with an inquisitive student mind again, I feel like vajrasati had revolutionised how i see yoga and changed not only the way that I teach but the way that I practice. I feel like yoga is home again.’

Effie is also an acupuncturist (BSc(hons), LicAc, MBAcC) and a massage therapist (deep tissue, pregnancy, thai). She is also the proud mother of ‘About Balance’ Brighton’s only Low-cost, fair-trade wellbeing centre.


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One day of perceiving the Dhamma (the absolute truth) is better than a century without such perception.

A brief life of Wisdom is better than a long life of stupidity.

One useful sentence is better than a thousand useless words.

— From the Dhammapada