Rules of qualification

To qualify as a Vajrasati teacher, level one, students must have:

1/ Attended all terms with a maximum of two sessions missed from each (missed sessions must be researched and relevant information and work caught up with).

2/ Completed and handed in all homework
3/ Attended all end of block assessments
4/ Attended and satisfactorily taught final two assessments: that is to say the assessor must be satisfied that the trainee is teaching according to the principles of Vajrasati as pointed to by the yamas and that although there are always likely to be gaps in understanding there are no wrong views and the trainee is travelling in the right direction.
5/ Completed a final written exam with 90% correct required as a pass, the bulk of this exam will remain the same although one or two questions may be changed or added to keep students on their toes
6/ Attended and satisfactorily taught a final assessment.

Pass criteria
1/ Observation/teaching from
2/Appropriate adjustments
3/ Group and individual attention
4/ Safety
5/ Creativity
6/ Alignment
7/ Exemplification of tghe spirit of yoga and the yamas in speech, body and gravity of instructions
8/ Yoga philosophy: clear, appropriate and relevant to students’ direct experience
9/ How and why?

It is not clear, appropriate, exemplary, creative or allowing teaching from observation to just try to keep chucking all these categories in all the time: you will be assessed by your internal integration of these factors and your external ‘choices’ will flow from that.

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