Ocean Isoaro-Dane

For Ocean, discovering Vajrasati Yoga was like an unexpected, joyful homecoming. She had enjoyed practising a variety of styles of yoga for a decade – since 2000 – however in Vajrasati she suddenly found the relief of fun, joy, and clarity; and a deep respect for each individual’s journey and discoveries. It was exciting and peaceful, all in one go! 

In Vajrasati everybody is okay and welcome.

One starts with what is real, right now, and one is then invited to move further into exploring, dwelling in, playing with what is. The practice offers a doorway home to the present moment and the self.

Everyone has the potential of experiencing yoga – oneness or being whole – as deeply and thrillingly as any yogi that ever was – and with zero requirement of ever “looking like a yogi in a book!”

Ocean’s teaching style is centred, gentle, humorous and respectful. 

Students are encouraged to play and explore, allowing their bodies and breath to settle and deepen and open – allowing for the possibility of feeling more at one with themselves and with life.

She is fully insured, and teaches a drop-in on Thursdays, 6.45-7.45pm, at The Maydays Studio, near the i360 (12A Regency Square, Brighton BN1 7FG). The cost is £9/8/7 depending on income. 

Ocean also teaches one-on-ones from her home in peaceful Rottingdean. Private lessons are a great way to delve deeper into one’s practice, with the full focus of a teacher. These classes are tailor-made for the student.

With any queries, please contact Ocean on 07986 124219, or at

Members of MoveGB can book drop-ins and one-on-ones via

I write for a living and sit at a keyboard for up to 12 hours a day – awful for my back. And I’m 48 so there’s that added stress. I have done yoga on and off for 25 years but seeing Ocean with one-to-one sessions has allowed me to stretch deeper and longer than ever before. She is the most helpful and insightful yoga teacher I have ever had.” P.D. Vine