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We invite you to join The Vajrasati Yoga community - exploring your personal yoga path. 

The axis on which Vajrasati spins is people power.

All teachers, trainees and students of Vajrasati Yoga are trusted and encouraged to make their own honest exploration into yoga, it's practice and it's implications.

Just as a mountaineer makes their own journey up a mountain, that journey will be original and demand the highest degree of creativity.

Each mountaineer builds on the base of another’s work and maps are refined and improved through every ascent.

Vajrasati yoga often takes the form of a straightforward yoga class i.e. body work, yet we try to implicitly and explicitly explore the yoga teachings of Patanjali in the classes.

This is done through the tone of the relationship we have with the practice.

We encourage non violence (ahimasa), honesty (satya), investigation (svadyaya) as well as using a sense of trust (ishvara pranidhana), or letting go, to find a deeper intuitive connection (yoga) to what we do. 

You can find out more about the history of Vajrasti Yoga here.

Vajrasati Yoga was founded by Jim Tarran and is a Yoga Alliance 500 RYS




‘Sufism is that you should not possess anything nor should anything possess you.’

— Samnun