Testimonials for Vajrasati Teacher Training course


This course took me on an intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual journey through yoga.  It is truely life changing.  It is probably one of the most comprehensive teacher training courses around and I would recommend it to anyone who has a serious heartfelt interest in studying yoga on a deeper level either for personal development or to become a yoga teacher.  Where ever your yoga may take you in the future this is a great starting point and I thank Jim from the bottom of my heart for setting me on the path of teaching yoga.  Jim has great integrity and passion (as well as incredible knowledge and experience) for this course and yoga and you can't help but be inspired by this.

Khadine Morcom (Enrolled on the course March 2004)


I can highly recommend the Vajrasati course with Jim Tarran, as both comprehensive and enjoyable. As well as providing a thorough grounding in asana (poses), including anatomy, the course covers pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation, yogic philosophy, and mantra (chanting), and is Yoga Alliance-accredited. There is a strong, practical element to the training, which ensures graduates leave with plenty of teaching experience under their belts, and means that trainees can draw on the support of those who have already completed the course. Jim Tarran himself is a knowledgeable and charismatic teacher with the rare ability to inspire as well as educate his students. Training with him is undoubtedly a journey of self-discovery, as well as an ideal route to a rewarding new career.

Anita Hall (Enrolled on the course Feb 2005)

The Vajrasati course was always my only choice for yoga teacher training as I had previously been a student of Jim Tarran’s for about 10 years, wanting the level of exploration and commitment that a 500 hour training could bring. The course was fantastically intense, with a true emphasis on learning to teach from experience and bringing the essence of yoga to life through a grounded application of yoga philosophy and roots in the breath. The rigorous anatomical and alignment aspects were important to me as a grounding in my teaching development on individual, remedial and rehabilitative levels.

Charlotte Watts (Enrolled on the course June 2006)

The Vajrasati teacher training course was life-changing for me. The course was invaluable in giving me the confidence and the start up tools to start regular classes.
The community of graduates and post-graduate events are hugely helpful too in ensuring continuous personal development. Whereas other courses seem to produce individual teachers, the Vajrasati community is very supportive, with a mentoring scheme, and based on the idea of continued shared learning, both whilst on the course and afterwards, so that the course itself is just a start.
As a teacher, Jim's obvious committment, enthusiasm, and ability to hold a space where students can really explore yoga in the fullest sense, make the Vajrasati teacher training incredibly deep, challenging and hugely enjoyable.
I have and will continue to recommend this course for its depth, heart and real worth

Leonie Taylor (Enrolled on the course June 2006)

After several years attending Jim Tarran's classes I embarked on the Vajrasati Teacher Training course with limited expectations of myself and my abilites, thinking of it as a way to deepen my own practice. 500 hours with Jim changed my life completely!!  The course is deep, detailed, inspired and hard work - also great fun.   I learnt all aspects of yoga practice -  asana, philosophy, meditation, mantra and pranyama.  Jim also places great emphasis on understanding the anatomical bakground to postures and breath, so that we have a better understanding and can teach safely.  Teaching practice started after 200 hours of training so our practical experience grew alongside further learning.
I can barely believe that today I get such great joy from teaching my classes, individual students and even yoga holidays.  I am truly grateful to Jim for his patience and support and proud to be a member of the ever growing Vajrasati community.

Rosie Waters (Enrolled on the course April 2007)


Having already taken a teacher training in India and started teaching, I was still keen to learn more from the Vajrasati teacher training, having felt such an affinity to Jim's teaching in class. It didn't dissapoint. I was priviledged to already be teaching whilst in training and could experience my teaching and confidence getting better each term. I feel it's one of the most thorough trainings out there on many different levels. It is hard work, but the the commitment was well worth it, by the time I finished I felt as if I'd just done a degree in Yoga and can't thank Jim enough for all his hard work and encouragement. A couple of years on I still feel the effects of this training filtering through into my Yoga, my teaching and my life in general. Highly recommended.

Jackie Coulson (Enrolled on the course April 2007)


Jim's passion for yoga is infectious and frames the Vajrasati Teacher training course as a safe place to gain insight into yoga and explore the skills needed to teach it. There is a strong physical and experiential element which means learning is felt and knowledge is gained internally.  Students are encouraged to discover for themselves and discuss their findings with the group which brings about a feeling of community and togetherness and this doesn't stop once you have graduated. Learning and self discovery is backed up by homework and a magical, honest and sometimes bumpy journey unfolds. The teacher training course is just the start of another journey but as usual the English language is limited in what it can describe - sometimes you just have to experience

Trudi Kemp (Enrolled on the course September 2008)


I studied on the Vajrasati Teacher Training course from September 2009 to February 2012 and felt I really learnt a lot.  The style of the course meant that we learnt experientially and not just by heart, so that I really came out of it feeling like I had the ‘tools’ to teach a good class.  The amount of information can feel a bit overwhelming to start with, but the nature of the course meant that this knowledge became integrated into the practice so we were learning without even realizing it!  By attending classes, training days and doing the homework we were learning  all the time.
The learning environment always felt very safe, relaxed and supportive and you never felt that you couldn’t ask if you weren’t clear about anything.
The structure of the course was excellent too, with each term dedicated to a set of poses.  The information on each pose though is endless, so we often branched off into other areas which helped with the general learning and experience.  We were always encouraged to practice lots and to start teaching a class as early as possible into term 4, once the 200 hours had been completed.  We were also advised to practice with our peers, which was a nice, supportive and useful thing to do.
The course was everything I had hoped for and much more and although one can never learn ‘everything’ on the subject, we certainly covered a great deal and with continued practice, teaching and training days, continue to learn.
The fact that you can go back to the teacher training afternoons whenever you want for free is reassuring and a tribute to Jim’s generosity and quest for our ongoing learning and community.

Helen Kawolski (Enrolled on the course September 2009)


The Vajrasati course takes you on a journey of discovery - of yourself, life, and yoga. I'm so pleased i did it!
Being part of the Vajrasati community of teachers and friends has been invaluable, and i would recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and thorough foundation in teaching yoga.        

Lucy levens (Enrolled on the course September 2009)


"You never move on if you don't let go of the past.  Jim gave me the space to let go; the courage to take new challenges; to know yoga as a dance of life; embrace and be proud of the life I have and the people I have the honor of teaching".

Susan More (Enrolled on the course September 2009)


I've recently completed the Vajrasati teacher training programme and realise that it has been an amazing journey of exploration and growth for me.  I have deepened my practice, widened my knowledge, met and being supported by incredible co-students and a buddy and am now teaching a regular yoga class which I love.  I actually know my tibia from my fibula and am so grateful to Jim for his wealth of experience, humour and knowledge which he shares so generously with us all.  I'm definitely delighted that I did it:-)

Nicky Crabb (Enrolled on the course September 2011)


Vajrasati Teacher Training transformed the way I do yoga, and the way I live.  Its hard to explain, but everything I do has been affected.  In a positive way of course! 
This is not a 2 week intensive that skims over stuff, but a 2 year + intensive investigation into yoga and your personal practice of it.  You will learn alignment, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, classroom management, teaching tools and much more.
And leave with new friends and a new community of teachers to support you going forward.
Am happy to talk to anyone about my experience of it should you wish to ask me in person

Moyra Scott (Enrolled on the course September 2011)

The Vajrasati training course has been amazing.  Jim hands over years of experience from his own teaching in a typically generous way; little methods of explaining a movement or details of a posture which are tried and tested and which we are encouraged to investigate and fully understand for ourselves. The homeworks were brilliant (I miss them).  They enabled me to gradually expand my knowledge and understanding through practice, exploration and research.  They also provided a framework which worked well alongside the training hours.  I love yoga and now love teaching yoga.  The course has given me the confidence to do this and to follow my heart and I feel eternally grateful for this.  The supportive, nurturing and fun environment that Jim creates should be recognised and celebrated, it is unique and makes this course truly special.

Zoe Gallegher (Enrolled on the course March 2012)
I cannot begin to do it justice, but I know that people have no idea how wonderful it all is and we can't reach all of them without the interweb. So I have done my best with words.
I undertook the course to deepen my practise, without intending to teach; there wasn't an advanced class on offer at the time. I now have a dozen or so loyal students who come to my classes once or twice a week.
The course comprises experiential learning supported by judiciously chosen anatomy and foundational texts. Homework cover everything you need to know for your finals and to teach confidently.
The school is a democratic community. There is a feeling that we're all learning together and we all have plenty to offer. Jim is always open to learning from students, emphasising that yoga is wisdom in each moment and we can arrive here alone or with friends. He exemplifies the Buddhist conviction that our true selves go beyond identification with knowledge just as with anything else.
Jim shares a deep working knowledge of yoga anatomy and physiology that he persistently draws on to enable students to learn through practise. He is able to answer endless questions kindly, whilst implicitly helping us to see that sometimes questions only beget more questions. He is able to explain difficult concepts whilst helping us to see their inherent limitations. Jim brings masses of empirical knowledge to the course and introduces  students to many important Buddhist texts.
For me, the course felt like learning whilst having fun. I have made friends  that I hope to keep. It's been the most enjoyable studying I've ever done.
Lisa Murphey (Enrolled on the course March 2012)










on mantra…

‘Knowing that all is well; I can let go of all this ‘stuff’. Developing confidence and trust in the process.’

— Karunajala