Baddha Koṇāsana - Bound Angle Pose

Baddha Konasana.JPG

(Cobbler or Bound Angle Pose)

  1. Place the foam block low down against the wall to support your back and lean back into it.

  2. Then draw your feet towards your body and place the soles of the feet together.

  3. Allow the knees to drop naturally to the sides and either hold the feet with your hands or rest your hands on top of our legs.

  4. Lift the chest and roll the trapezius down.

  5. Breathe.

FOCUS: Along with continued focus on the breath, increase awareness of the inner edge of the sitting bones. Allow the weight descending onto the inner edge of the sitting bones (the ischial tuberosities) to stimulate an upward pressure from the floor that encourages a pushing in and out action, turning the thigh bones outwards and deepening the hip joints.

Contraindications: If the chest feels collapsed and trying to raise it causes pain or excessive tightness in the lumbar, sit on a block, checking that buttock flesh is drawn out and back. If after making such an adjustment the inner thighs are tight or pain is felt in the knees, support underneath the legs with equal height of cushions, blocks or blankets. (The height should be equal under both legs, irrespective of whether there is more or less sensation between the legs, otherwise the alignment of the spine may be jeopardised.)