Letter From Jim

I see myself in the role of a sincere mentor and hope to feed your enthusiasm and interest as well as Iā€™m able and encourage your desire to grow. Like a good parent while you are growing and vunerable I will do my best to guide you away from danger.

My heartfelt desire is to see you grow healthy and strong and that all Vajrasati Yoga practioners, not least teachers trainees, become at least my equal and no doubt sometimes my better, in terms of what is learned and understood in regards to yoga and its continuing journey.

I do not purport to know everything and I do not see myself as the head of anything. Any respect given to me should come only out of your personal experience, for my sincere commitment to do my best for you and your trust that I will always strive to do better, not from any sense of obligation.

Having been taught the basics of posture, technique, alignment, adjustment and not least the principles that underpin support and give yoga its purpose, meaning and its potential to grow in depth and purity.

My hope is that there will become in Vajrasati teacher trainees the real ability to distinguish between what is nourishing and what is poisonous. And then, like gatherers of fruit and berries, trainees will go out and search and explore in earnest and return to the Vajrasati school with nourishment to build and strengthen a movement that, as it becomes ever more resourced, will be able to nourish more and more people more fully and to greater depth.

Yours in sincerity and trust. Yours in enthusiasm and belief. Yours in commitment and conviction and with recourse to the five yamas and respect to the teachers of old.

Jim Tarran

Founder and chair, Vajrasati Yoga