Bhāradvājāsana - Bhāradvāja’s Twist


  1. Sit on a block or neatly folded blanket.

  2. Place your legs in Dandasana.

  3. Bending your knees bring both legs round to your left hip.

  4. Tuck your right foot under your left so that the feet form a cross (left toes pointing behind you, left ankle crossed over right arch, right toes pointing left).

  5. Allow the legs time and space to settle and to release any gripping held in them through the breath.

  6. Draw the lumbar spine in and up drawing the sacrum perpendicular to the floor as you do.

  7. Keep left thigh and hip weighty and lift from groins to chest as you turn to the right.

  8. Bring your left across both legs and press the palm into the side of the right leg.

  9. Place your right hand cupped on the floor behind you.

  10. Do not raise left leg or hips, remain lifting as you turn waist chest and head to the right.

To deepen the pose

  1. Gauge the amount you lift by the level of release in breath and legs and the amount you turn by the amount you lift.

  2. Tuck left fingers under right thigh with the palm facing the floor keep pressing into your right fingers cupped on floor behind you.

  3. Lift the right hand maintaining the lift and take hold of left bicep (or use belt to bridge the gap).

  4. Sucking in the body towards central core from where you lift and turn.

    Repeat for side two