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Camilla Morgan

I have always had a passion for moving my body in many different expressions, from dance to fitness and in 1997, at the age of 17, I discovered my first yoga class. Initially attracted to the practice for the physical benefits and flexibility element, I soon became intrigued and fascinated with how the more subtle aspects of the practice were affecting me mentally and emotionally. I found the breath awareness, the mudras and the chanting helped me to feel at ease with myself.

The way that I felt during and after class mentally and emotionally was the key for me. I can only describe this as a warm, inner feeling, a feeling like I was coming home. With difficult emotions and self-confidence issues from society conditioning and the drink and drugs youth culture at the time, coming to my weekly class was my safe haven, my sanctuary where I felt safe, comfortable and nurtured. I started to explore spiritual principles which nurtured a more self loving attitude. I realised that when I practiced yoga and listened to, heard of read material that was loving and promoted kindness and compassion towards oneself and others, I felt better.

My physical body responded very well - feeling open, expansive and strong. The combination of enjoying the sensations I felt in my body and the psychological benefits, led me to complete my first Hatha yoga teacher training in 2008 and I knew I wanted to share these beautiful practices with others, to help them connect with their hearts, relax and feel well. The journey of exploration continued into discovering Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, in which I completed teacher training in 2012. 

As an ever expanding and always will be student, in 2016, I felt called to embark on Jim’s Vajrasati Teacher Training, from an inner longing for more depth into the roots of yoga and to help clear some confusion I had around what Yoga really is! I believe no matter where we are on our path, we need a mentor, a teacher and a community of like minded ‘Light Tribe’ to call upon to lift us out of any misinterpretations, confusion or uncertainty and I feel Vajrasati Yoga provides this through the community and shared learning. 

I have connected deeply with the Vajrasati principles of listening and responding in the moment and letting go of the ‘I’ . Vajrasati Yoga asks us to honestly question, explore, feel and listen with an undercurrent of love, warmth and humour that lifts the Spirit. I am enjoying the twists and turns of discovery and depth that this course is allowing an unfolding of.

I offer classes with a meditative ‘tone’ to them, exploring postures in a mindful way, with breath awareness running as a central ‘coming back to’. I always enjoy sharing words or inspirational readings which help to lift the heart and mind to the deeper connection within, and promote release and inner peace.