Conditions of Graduation

Once students have successfully been accepted on teacher training and embarked on the syllabus, successful graduation is only possible where the student has complied with the following criteria:

  1. The student must complete all eight ten-week blocks, missing no more than two weeks out of the ten. It may be permissible to miss three where it is not possible to do otherwise, in which case the student should endeavour to make clear the circumstances of their absence. Where attendance is not possible, the student should make effort to catch up on what they have missed through contact with other students, with the course tutor or both.

  2. The student must have successfully completed and where appropriate handed in all homework set out in the teacher training syllabus.

  3. The student must have attended all assessments at the end of each block. Where circumstances prove difficult, the course tutor will try to fit the assessment in around the student. If absence is unavoidable, the student will have to take the assessment again either at the next available date, on another vajrasati teacher training course or on the next cycle of the teacher training group that they are currently with. Where possible, the course tutor may arrange an individual assessment.

  4. Each student must attend their final assessment and be seen by the assessor/assessors to be teaching safely, clearly and without contravening the principles of Vajrasati: that is within the five yamas and with a view to realising liberation in a non-abstract form; teaching liberative truths from direct immediate experience.

  5. Each student must regularly attend Vajrasati yoga taught by a fully qualified and senior member of Vajrasati Yoga School. Weekly classes and yoga days where possible constitute the minimum requirement in this regard. Financial assistance will be offered where it might be otherwise difficult or impossible to do this.

  6. The Vajrasati Yoga teacher training certificate is not an absolute and relates to the current teaching and focus of teaching of the individual. It should be understood that where a graduate is no longer teaching in accordance with the principles aspired to by the Vajrasati School of yoga, the certificate can no longer be used as a credential to describe or advertise the teaching practices carried out by the said student.