Donna Shilling

Donna’s interest in yoga began whilst travelling in India in 1999 and continued throughout her theatre degree at Dartington College of Arts where Donna attended regular classes at the Forge Yoga Centre in Totnes. Her developing meditation and yoga practice informed her creative exploration of the body giving subtle new insights into the performer’s relationship to the environment.

In 2002 Donna performed nationally and in Europe with her theatre company Deer Park. She found that leading yoga sessions at the start of rehearsals created a heightened awareness of mind and body cultivating a more focussed presence in the performers. These experiences inspired Donna to want to deepen her understanding of yoga further and to continue sharing the practice by learning to teach.

Donna moved to Brighton in 2003 and discovered Vajrasati Yoga, immediately resonating with the balanced pace and non-forceful approach of the classes. She finds that observing the constant changing and unfolding of the body and its energy inspires a deeper connection with ourselves helping us move into a more integrated, healthy and sustainable way of life.

She holds her full 500 Hour Vajrasati Teachers Certificate.