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Gwyneth Curtis

Gwyneth discovered yoga in South America ten years ago and has been practicing ever since. She has a passion for physicality being it trapeze, corde lisse or dance but she has found yoga is the thing that gives her both physical strength but also helps to create a sense of mental peace and calmness.

She wanted to teach for many years and on discovering  Vajrasati Yoga everything fell into place. From the first lesson she knew that this was the yoga school for her; finding the attention to detail in postures, the physical challenge while still maintaining a sense of humour, self awareness and kindness and it is this style of yoga that is reflected in her teaching. As well as a confidence that has come with many years teaching Drama and Dance in schools, her love of movement be it dance or capoeira gives her classes a sense of flow while still maintaining a focus and detail in static poses.

Gwyneth teaches small groups and one-to-one, either from her home in Hove or at student’s homes and she is soon to set up her own classes (details to follow soon).  

In one-to-ones she enjoys tailoring her classes to an individual’s needs whether a student wants to develop a particular emotional or physical aspect of their practice for example yoga for runners or for confidence or stress. It is this aspect of yoga as both a physical therapy and for emotional strength that she is interested in. Although her classes are suited to a variety of needs she has also tailored classes to a particular group such as a Friday afternoon class for tired teachers or classes for aerial performers.

For further details of classes, or to book a one-to-one or small group class call 07981539448 or email