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Katrin Baumgarten

For Katrin, yoga is an everlasting exploration of the body and mind connection, a light-hearted search for freedom from tension. It is this connection, that not only yokes us to the present, but also to each other and nature.

Katrin holds a 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Certificate from Frog Lotus, a 200 Hour Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and is continuing her journey by working her way towards the 500 Hour Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training Plus Certificate. Vajrasati Yoga has glued her attention, especially because of its creativity and shared learning environments.

She passionately teaches energetic, yet balancing yoga classes taking people away from their hectic lives and refocusing them to reality. Uniting breath, body and mind, the student will connect back to the here and now through a moving meditation.