Prasārita Pādottānāsana - Wide-Legged Forward Bend (Variation)

Prasarita padottanasana II.JPG

(Variation with chair and blocks)


  1. Place a chair in front of a high bench with its back closest to the high bench (i.e kitchen work top).

  2. Place blocks on to the chair seat at mid-thigh height and a neatly folded blanket on top. (adjust higher or lower as appropriate.)


  3. Face the chair seat with the back farthest from you.

  4. Place the hands on to the top of the high bench/ table rest with palms facing one another with little finger side of the hand facing down.

  5. Step the feet back from the chair and wide from each other.

  6. Place the hips above the ankles (ankles are fractionally farther back than your hips).

  7. Rest the forehead on the lift on the seat.

  8. Lift the knee caps up and pull the top of the thigh bones back.

  9. Pull the front body towards the chair in opposition to the legs.

  10. Keep the side ribs in and breast bone forwards.

  11. If the back is dipped and ribs jut towards the floor, make sure that the shoulders are not overstretched at the back.

  12. Ensure that the little finger side of the hands are parallel to the floor.

  13. If the back is humped up towards the ceiling increase the height of the lift (and chair back if possible).

  14. Stretch the front body forwards.

  15. Legs backwards.

  16. Keeps the outer hips in and inner groins up.

  17. Come up by walking towards the chair.

DURATION: 10 to 20 breaths.