Śavāsana - Corpse Pose


Corpse pose
sava = corpse
Also called Mrtasana (mrit-TAHS-anna, mrta = death)

This version of the classic relaxation posture is great for tightness in the back, but can be used by anyone to give a more settled feeling in the pelvis and a deeper sense of release through support.

  • Lay down flat with a lift under the top section of your neck and the bottom of the skull (approximately two finger widths from base of skull upwards above/on lift) and a bolster under your knees (create one from rolled blankets if needs be) and place on top of yoga block or other even foundation of approximately 10-15 cm high). Rest the backs of the heels on an even firm support (10 cm high approximately).

  • Turn the palms of the hands up with your hands away from your hips (1 foot approximately) and tuck the shoulder blades under towards the feet.

DURATION: Several minutes.
FOCUS: Allow yourself to detect any waves of warmth or tingles in the sensitive body zones (soles of feet, backs of knees, inner thighs, gluteal creases – the meeting of the thighs and buttocks, the genitals, spine, tummy, soft chest skin, throat and face). Allow those sensations to circulate and settle and let the mind rest.