Sukhāsana Parvatāsana - Easy Mountain Pose

  1. Sit cross-legged on a yoga block, in front of you.

  2. Where comfortable, place the knees underneath the feet and have the feet away from the body so that there is a small gap between the body and the legs.

  3. Place the palms of the hands on the legs so that the elbows are beneath the shoulders. Let the base of the pose settle like sediment in a wine bottle.

  4. Draw the sacrum in and lift the waist by pulling upwards at the breastbone.

  5. Lift the lumbar.

  6. Soften the sides of the neck from the collarbone to the ears and let the back of the neck lengthen without closing the throat.

  7. Allow the breath to occupy the increasing space in the torso and let the back brain widen.

  8. Soften the activity behind the eyes and let thoughts settle down by giving them the space to do so.

  9. Interlink your fingers and stretch the arms diagonally downwards palms facing the floor.

  10. Soften all the muscles around the shoulder blades and keep softening as you raise your arms to turn palms towards the ceiling. Extend through, but not against, tension.

  11. Do not through the bottom ribs forwards, investigate the lift as you draw lumbar spine upwards (lift the waist).

  12. Repeat for second cross of legs with further focus on the lower body settling as impetus for the upper body ascension. Remain in asana for 10-30 breath cycles each side.