Supta Baddha Konāsana - Supine Bound Angle Pose


Reclining Bound Angle Pose
A calming, restorative pose

  1. Place a bolster (can use pleated blankets, or even two or three long cushions on top of each other) on the floor with a cushion or similar support on the far end.

  2. Sit at one end and draw the soles of the feet together a comfortable distance from the pelvis.

  3. Take a yoga belt (a long dressing gown belt will do) and bring it underneath the feet around over the top of the thighs, across inner groins and around the sacrum (the back of the pelvis).

  4. Tie the belt to hold feet in position, taught but not tight.

  5. Ensure the belt has not risen up above the hips and pull it away from each groin one at time to release any tightness on the skin on the inner thighs.

  6. Place both hands onto the floor either side of, a few inches back from the hips, fingers pointing towards the feet.

  7. Press into the hands and lift the pelvis a little way from the ground, just enough to tuck the buttocks towards the feet.

  8. Repeat as above 2 to 3 times or more until the pelvis lays as flat as possible on the floor.

  9. Suck back the belly, lift the chest and, pressing into the hands to create traction, extend back the whole waist over the lift. Place ALL of the waist on the lift and NONE of the pelvis. Once settled, lift half way back up and lift and stretch over the lift again to create more extension still.

  10. Place the head on the support provided

  11. Rest the arms on the floor beside but not too close to the body, palms up (the shoulders should naturally relax; take the arms out further where the chest feels closed or shoulders tight).

DURATION: 2 to 10 minutes.


  • If tension occurs in the inner thighs or legs generally, place supports under both thighs/knees otherwise lower back tension may follow.

  • Where lower back is tense, check that you do not have a large part of it unsupported by the lift or that the back of the pelvis is being pushed up by the waist remember ALL of the waist NONE of the pelvis; if this fails then place supports as above.

  • If problem still continues desist and seek advice.