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Tara Scammell

I am dedicated to sharing true yoga that dissolves the individual into nature and the infinite by continually pointing towards the heart and thus; freedom.

Yoga is a big part of my life. It brought peace and sanctuary when I thought there was none to be had and has opened my mind, body and soul to the infinite. 

The balance of energy is my focus, in the mind, the physical body, emotional body and on a spiritual level. 

I began exploring in the UK, then did my first teacher training in India in 2015 and now continue to learn alongside Jim Tarran at Vajrasati in Brighton. His teaching style encourages the kind of yoga that points towards truth, freedom and fun. It's a practise where we encourage the practitioner to listen and respond to their own truth.

After living in a Buddhist monastery for over 3 months in 2015, I am thrilled to also share guided meditation with those who wish to learn. Spreading the gift of Dharma in this world.

I teach privately in people's homes, hold workshops at festivals in the UK and also host sober raves in London for the conscious community with guided meditation, ecstatic dance and an open mic session.

Yoga softens my heart and expands my being from within. It enables me to remain heart open and true to myself, allowing me to reside in a place of love where all things flow and it is my honour to share this with others.

I hope that I can bring some of my light and energy into your life through a shared practise together.