Tom Cowan

My professional life has entwined with my personal life, like twinned tributaries feeding a deep flowing river. I've been called from many directions to step into a role as teacher, healer, mentor and leader, offering Vajrasati yoga, therapeutic deep tissue massage, community development work and nature based practices to re-wild a sense of awe, wonder and mystery.

As Mary Oliver succinctly writes "I simply do not distinguish between work and play". I do the things I love and trust that some of you will love them to.

As I practice, explore, enquire and directly experience a truth that's emergent in these fields I can then pass it on as a pointer to you, inviting deeper states of inner knowing, embodied presence, self-transformation, kindness, empathy and wellbeing.

I cherish the opportunities we have to share transformative experiences of life through classes, workshops, one to ones and immersive retreats, that are just as likely to be outside in the wild woods as in a regular studio environment.

Together we can take a breath and pierce into the present moment with greater clarity, insight and love.