Upaviṣṭa Koṇāsana/Samakoṇāsana - Seated Angle/Same Angle Pose


Upaviṣṭa Koṇāsana: wide-angle seated forward bend

Samakoṇāsana: same-angle pose/lateral split

This is a hybrid pose that may lean towards one or the other of these classic yoga poses (we are leaving out the forward bend that is normally associated with Upaviṣṭa Koṇāsana).

  1. Sitting on the floor, open your legs wide apart: you should go as wide a you can while remaining well within your comfort zone. To check that you are within your comfort zone, check your breathing. If it is starting to grip at the end of the out breath or if the in breath is being grasped at on top of the unfinished out breath, back off the pose until breathing regains its connection to the pose and calm absorption can resume.

  2. If the lower back is collapsing and the chest is closed, shoulders rounding, lift up by drawing the sacrum and lumbar in and up to bring the pelvis to perpendicular to the floor.

  3. Use the breath to allow the body to find it’s own way in to the pose.

  4. It is unlikely that you will need to take the legs any wider than your start position. Check the breath as above, then you will be able to better gauge whether you can still open up more deeply within the stage you are in.

  5. Keep the legs moving down with the breath, particularly at the top of the thighs.

  6. Lift the front groins.

  7. Keep the shoulders relaxed.