Uttanāsāna - Intense Stretch Pose (Using a Chair)

Uttanasana I.JPG

Intense forward bend
ut = intense
tan = to stretch or extend

  1. Place a chair with a level topped back rest in front of you with the seat turned away.

  2. Place your hands on chair back around shoulder width apart with the palms facing in medially (a sort of karate chop style).

  3. Make sure that your fingers are level with the floor as you walk back away from the chair folding over your front groins to form a right angle between your legs and torso.

  4. Allow the ankles to be placed an inch or two (no more) further back than the hip joints.

  5. Keep your head from dropping so that the crown points between the gaps between your hands and the bottom of the breast bone is pulled forwards away from the hips (towards the chair).

  6. Pull the hips back (away from chair) and chest forwards (towards the chair) until your hips come back above your ankles .

  7. Lift your heels a little and keeping your breast bone forwards draw your hips back further allowing your heels to descend as the front legs become more attentive.

  8. Walk forwards towards the chair to come up.

  9. Setu Bandha using a chair.