Verses on the Theme of Love

From the Dhammapada

What neither mother, nor father, nor any other relative can do, a well-directed mind does and thereby elevates one.

Hate is not overcome by hate; by Love (Metta) alone is hate appeased. This is an eternal law.

Here he rejoices, hereafter he rejoices. In both states the well doer rejoices. He rejoices, exceedingly rejoices, perceiving the purity of his own deeds.

A man, who is free from heedlessness and is heedless no more, purifies himself and shines in this world like the moon which is freed from a cloud.

Oneself, indeed, is one’s saviour, for what other saviour would there be? With oneself well controlled one obtains a saviour difficult to find.

He is not therefore an Ariya (Noble) if he harms living beings; through his harmlessness towards all living beings is he called an Ariya (Noble).

Ah, happily do we live without hate amongst the hateful; amidst hateful men we dwell unhating.

He who wishes his own happiness by causing pain to others is not released from hatred, being himself entangled in the tangles of hatred.

The elephant is not satisfied with the food in luxurious places. It longs to go back to the jungle among its relations.

Should one find a good companion to walk with and who is steadfast and upright, one should walk with him with joy so as to overcome all dangers.