Viparīta Karaṇi - An Inverted Kind of Practice

Viparita Karani.JPG

This pose creates deep calm by circulating energy around the vital organs. It is also a wonderful release for tired legs and some forms of back pain.

  • Take a bolster or create one by rolling several blankets together to make an evenly rolled sausage shape (20-25 cm high approximately)- alternatively use yoga blocks stacked in two piles of two, short end to short end, and cover with 1 or 2 soft blankets evenly folded.

  • Lay on back with legs up the wall, by first sitting side on to the wall, then rolling onto your back and swinging the legs up.

  • Bend your legs and lift your pelvis and draw the bolster underneath you, lower your pelvis onto it (*alternatively start on the bolster and then swing leg ups up wall one at a time).

  • The bolster should fit snugly into your lower back and support you sacrum (back of your pelvis) so that it lays parallel to the floor. Adjust the bolster further up if needs be to achieve this end.

  • Stretch your arms over your head.

  • Stay for 5 to 10 minutes enjoying the openness of the chest.